Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin

Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin

The establishment and professional expansion of a fine wine production from fruits in a unique winery set-up which introduces the standards of estate grape wineries to a fruit wine production. Definition of new wine standards for the indigenous cherry variety „Stevnsbær“ as a heritage of the local „terroir“.


Installation of vinification processes from the international fine wine business by adopting and transfering them to the requirements of the specific cherry fruit composition.

Vinification of various wine products and evaluation of their characters and components > leading to two thesis works by Eva Heinz in 2014 and 2017 > major subjects: fermentation methods for cherries and biodiversity of spontaneous fermentation for cherries.

Education of the local winery team to perform the production and gain expertise to control and document the processes.

Stevnsbær with various clones

Beispiel Etikett

Harald Krabbe
Morten Brink-Iwersen
Jan Friis-Mikkkelsen

55 ha · planted since 1993


Diverse national and international awards and ratings, Salling Award winner for food innovation in 2016.

Denmark / Harpelunde/Lolland

Coordinates 54.903040, 11.038787