What are the core skills of the Grapeworker team and its network?

Where to grow vines?

investigate a location to grow wine

evaluate the natural resources of a wine location to define the production opportunities and recommendable wine profiles.

study and document the natural ressources

make an expert’s report for application procedures - e.g. for an EU vine planting licence

find a variety and clone

select the right planting material by existing knowledge and/or even include new research options

How to grow vines?

planting of vines

perform a state-of-the-art planting of vines including the related trellesing system

elaboration of the vineyard

build up the young plants to ensure sufficient yield, quality and return on investment

canopy management

apply the knowledge of viticulture to optimize the results of the wine location by seeing the natural resources: climate, terroir factors and the desired wine style

switch to organic

start or even switch a vineyard to a sustainable organic cultivation system - 10 years of expertise including the certification process.

plant nutrition

supply the right elements to the vineyard by seeing what was taken out with the grapes

desease control

avoid the loss of grapes and quality by optimizing the cultivation process and by minimizing the application of plant protection treatments

mechanized viticulture

apply the latest technology to ensure a good plant growth and avoid the use of herbicides

How to make wine?

design of a cellar

draw and list the required spaces and machines to allow fine quality wine production and efficency

cellar installation

find the right suppliers of technology and make them to deliver the right items

fermentation methods

select the appropriate methods and instruments to control the major step of winemaking.


drive the processes to the desired result - respect the recsources of the wine origin.


keep and protect the fine flavours for which all the effort has been done before - use the right instruments.

labelling & packaging

appropriate technology for best results by sticking to relevant cost restrictions.

How to organize wine business?

documentation & IT

document the production process according to legal requirements, know and record the vinification process, ensure tracibility.

write legal text on labels and declare right for the market - e.g. for exportation.

stocking & dispatch

provide efficency for all the little works to be done until the wine reaches the customer

wine staff

find educated wine people and/or educate local people to make fine wine and efficient business - may in cooperation with schools and other producers.