Waalem · Feer Island  

Waalem · Feer Island / Consulting since 2008

Creation of a new wine origin area where nobody produced wine before.


Evaluation and study of sources to define the benchmarks of a potential cultivation of vitis vinifera in a new northern climate location for this culture.

Application process for a vineyard planting licence at the Ministery of Agriculture in Schleswig-Holstein. Drawing up of a site assessment to find suitable locations on the island.

Planting and build up of the vineyard.

Vinification of the vineyard crop.

Vineyard development and surveillance of the cultivation methods.

Permanent training and product development with the winery team.

Solaris, Johanniter

Beispiel Etikett

Christian and Lenz Roeloffs

2 ha · planted since 2009


Vineyard planting right since 2009 and extended later for a new wine of origin area according to the EU legislation.

Germany / Feehr Island/North Friesland


Coordinates 54.682722, 8.506669