GRAPEWORKER plans, accompagnies and performs the foundation of wine productions at all technical stages from planting a vineyard up to the finalized product to be labelled and packed for the market.

It INCLUDES the permanent evaluation and definition of the desired investment as well as the classic engineering to get a production line to work.

Jens HeineMeyer

Jens Heinemeyer operates as the chief consultant and CEO of Grapeworker. 

mail @ grapeworker.COM
+49 171 386 70 23

What are the core skills of the Grapeworker team and its network?

Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin

Establishment and professional expansion of a fine wine production

Ørnberg Vin

Foundation of a professional and modern vineyard management

Waalem / Feer Island

Creation of a new wine origin area where nobody produced wine before

Vejrhøj Vingaard  

First vintage 2015